Duty Free Concessions for Returning Nationals-General Conditions

2nd March, 2010

Who Qualifies?– Montserratian Nationals who have lived abroad for at least five (5) years and have returned to take up permanent residence in Montserrat.

What can be imported?-Personal or household effects (whether new or used) and one motor vehicle (but not a truck). The goods may be purchased abroad and shipped here or may be bought locally from a supplier in Montserrat

Are there any Restrictions? – Some restrictions do apply. They are:-

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they resided abroad for at least five (5) years – you may be required to show proof of this. Documents relating to your time abroad will support your claim (e.g. payslips; records of school, college or university attendance; bank statement; employment records; visas, work permits, residence permits etc.)

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they intend to make a permanent home in Montserrat – you may be required to show evidence of this. Documents such as house purchase contracts; mortgage agreements; land titles; planning permission for house construction; documents showing the setting up of a business or employment contracts will help your claim.

One motor vehicle only is allowed under the concession for each household.

The vehicle must be owned by you and registered in your name.

The items must be for your own use and kept by you. None of the items may be sold or commercially exchanged, traded or bartered or disposed of in any way to any other person within the five (5) year period of the exemption. Permission must be granted by the Governor in Council to waive the duties and taxes before any goods (including vehicle) may be disposed of within the five (5) year period. Where no waiver has been granted all duties and taxes must be paid in full. Failure to do so is a serious offence and may incur fines, imprisonment and seizure of the goods.

You must apply within one year of having returned or moved to Montserrat.

How Do I apply? Applications should be made in writing on the attached form to the Comptroller of Customs at the following address:-

Comptroller of Customs

P.O.Box 431

Brades Montserrat

Tel. 664 491 2452/3816/2456 fax. 664 491 6909 Email customs@gov.ms

What Happens Then? – Your application will be considered by the Comptroller and you will be informed of his decision. You will be called to attend an interview and when you are called it is in your interest to bring with you documents that will support your case.

Warning! There are severe penalties ( including fines, imprisonment and seizure of goods) for making false declarations to Customs

(To obtain copy of the form look in the section “How do I apply?” and click on the word form which follows the word attached.).