About Us


We aim to become recognised as a modern, honest and transparent Customs & Excise administration that plays a critical role in the economic development of Montserrat.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to collect and protect all Customs & Excise revenues and to control the import and export of contraband goods, while developing and delivering quality policy advice and service on all Departmental matters to the Government of Montserrat and the Montserrat community.

Corporate Goals

The corporate goals of the Department reflect the priorities of the Department and will lead towards the attainment of the vision and the Department meeting its mission statement. The following are the corporate goals of the Department:

  1. To maximise the collection of Customs and Excise revenues in accordance with the relevant laws of Montserrat.
  2. To secure compliance with Customs and Excise and other relevant legislation.
  3. To safeguard the welfare of the citizens of Montserrat by preventing the import and export of contraband goods.
  4. To collate, analyse, and provide accurate and timely management and statistical information on the operations of the Department.
  5. To provide efficient customer services which make the Department accountable to the Government and people of Montserrat.
  6. To ensure the Department has a well-trained, motivated and skilled workforce that is able to respond to change.

Working for Customs

Thinking of working for the Customs Department? For more information about the Customs Department and what you can do to apply, view the following documents. Working for Customs..